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Download the MES9 Conference Proceedings in PDF format: Volume 1 and Volume 2.


The International Community Mathematics Education and Society (MES) and the Department of Early Childhood Education (DECE) at the University of Thessaly (UTH) are happy to announce the organization of the 9th International Mathematics Education and Society Conference or MES9 that will take place between the 7th and 12th of April 2017. The conference focuses on the social theorizing of mathematics education and the theme of MES9 is:

“Mathematics Education and Life at Times of Crisis”

The economic and political crisis worldwide affects all aspects of life including the ways people, and especially children and adolescents experience and imagine (mathematics) education. Mathematics, as part of life, is embedded and embodied within a variety of institutional spaces such as the family, the school, the playground, the leisure site or the workplace. Social and cultural diversities, global migration, unequal distribution of wealth, persistence of poverty, but also depleted nature and devastated environment, along with increased pressures for technologically mediated societal infrastructures provide a complex territory that cannot be ignored by mathematics educators working from the tertiary level, to secondary or primary and, even the early years. At the same time crisis has its most serious effects when it works at the intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, social class, economic disadvantage and sustainability risk. Within this context, it is essential to consider mathematics education, life and crisis as entangled and to explore, on the one hand, what are the effects of socioeconomic crisis on mathematics and mathematics education, and, on the other hand, what might be the potentialities afforded by mathematics education and mathematics education research towards confronting crisis and pursuing a life, as a relational ontology of the present. Based on the above, we would welcome theoretical and empirical contributions in the form of papers, project presentations, symposia and posters that address and problematize the social, political and ethical dimensions of mathematics education and mathematics education research in our lives at current times of crisis.

Mathematics Education and Society

MES was established in 1998 to satisfy the need for a wider discussion of the social and political dimensions of mathematics education, for disseminating theoretical frameworks, discussing methodological issues, sharing and discussing research, planning for action, and developing a strong research network. In addition, MES encourages classroom teachers to share their praxis. The MES Conferences aim to bring together mathematics educators from around the world to provide such a forum as well as to offer a platform on which to build future collaborative activity. It is expected that topics discussed at MES Conferences will be wide-ranging. It is also expected that all issues will have clear and underpinning social themes. The general topics of the conference have been:

  • Politics of Mathematics Education
  • Cultural and Social Aspects of Learning Mathematics
  • Sociology of Mathematics and Mathematics Education
  • Alternative Research Methodologies in Mathematics Education
  • Histories and Philosophies in Mathematics Education

Previous MES conferences and proceedings are available at Mathematics Education & Society Community.



Images for Conference Banner

The conference's banner consists of a collage of Street Artists' graffiti works. We would like to thank STMTS (, Bleeps ( and Dimitris Taxis ( taxis/) for their contributions.





Important Deadlines
Paper Submission: 10th Oct 2016
Notification of Acceptance: 10th Dec 2016
Early Registration: 15th Dec 2016
CameraReady Submission: 10th Jan 2017
Late Registration: 25th Mar 2017


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