3rd Announcement for MES 9 - The 9th International Conference on Mathematics Education and Society "Mathematics Education and Life at times of Crisis"

Extension of Deadlines

After a number of requests the IC committee has agreed to extend some basic deadlines for the conference.

1. The deadline of paper, symposia & poster submissions has been extended until Sep 25th 2016, 24.00 GR time.

2. The deadline for Reduced Registrations has been extended till Sep 25th 2016, 24.00 GR time.

3. The deadline for applications for financial support has also been extended till Sep 25th 2016, 24.00 GR time 31st December 2016 24:00 GR time

Eligible participants for reduced registration fee and/or financial support are authors who come from Low Income Countries and have the status of student, part-time or temporarily employed researchers or educators. Financial support is based upon the excess the conference can make upon the number of registrations and donations. Colleagues who wish to offer donations so that more people can be financially supported, please get into the registration site of the conference (http://mes9.ece.uth.gr/portal/index.php/registration-en).

Please, check out regularly the MES 9 website. In the near future there will be announcements about excursions in near by locations and day activities or visits. Also, a number of events will be announced as the conference is moving along.


Thank you very much for the interest you have shown for MES
We are looking forward to welcome you here at the University of Thessaly at the city of Volos in Greece

Important Deadlines
Paper Submission: 10th Oct 2016
Notification of Acceptance: 10th Dec 2016
Early Registration: 15th Dec 2016
CameraReady Submission: 10th Jan 2017
Late Registration: 25th Mar 2017


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